Your Kitchen Warranty

We do our best to source high-quality products and go to a lot of effort to ensure that our methods will ensure your installation lasts for many years.

From time to time things can fail, when this happens it is important to know you are not incurring any further expense unfairly.

Your installation is covered by our 3-year fully comprehensive parts & labour warranty for the following occurrences:


  1. Product failure (only products we supply are covered)
  2. Workmanship

Please note the following exclusions to your warranty:

  1. Damage / Lack of care towards the installation or poor maintenance
  2. DIY attempts without prior agreement in writing
  3. Unnecessary damaged caused during a delay in reporting an issue to us
  4. Misuse of installation or products
  5. Cracks in wall/floor tiling that occur during other building work in or around the property or structural movement outside of our control of any kind
  6. Underfloor heating
  7. Blockage of drains
  8. Discolouring of grout & silicone joints
  9. Mould, or any issue relating to lack of ventilation
  10. Heat damage

Please note: Your warranty is transferable to a new owner should you sell your home, for this transfer to be successful you must notify us of this intention in advance so that an inspection of the bathroom can be arranged before the sale.

Once this inspection has been completed we will write to confirm our findings from the inspection.

If the installation is in good order and has been well maintained we would be happy to transfer the remaining warranty over to your buyer.

If there is any evidence of the above exclusions, then we may restrict the scope of the warranty and confirm this to you in writing.

Please fill in the contact box if any issues relating to product or workmanship occur within your warranty period.

We will be in touch shortly to remedy the situation.